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The miRNA, mRNA, lncRNA, circRNA expression and expression difference analysis based on qPCR detection technology is an effective complement and verification of sequencing results and ChIP results, and it is also the basis for determining the research object and performing subsequent functional studies or biomarker screening. RiboBio has independently developed various RNA qRT-PCR detection methods, including various starter kits, standard RNA, front-end primers. With these PCR detection systems and kits for absolute and relative quantitative detection, high quality qRT-PCR testing services are available for different samples and different testing needs.

Service Procedure

1. Preparation of DNA samples
2. RNA quality detection
3. Verse transcription and synthesis of cDNA
4. Real-time fluroescence quantitative PCR
5. Result analysis and experiment report

Methods and Tools

SYBR Green fluroescence quantitative detection with Bio-Rad CFX96


Comparison of lncRNA (AK124893) expression difference in lung cancer tissue and tumor-adjacent tissue

The miRNA standard products (hsa-miR-16, hsa-miR-21) diluted in 6 levels of magnitude continuous gradient (1fM, 10fM, 100fM, 1pM, 10pM, 100pM) were applied with miDETECT A Track™ miRNA qRT-PCR, each gradient covers 3 parallelled samples. The amplification efficiency (E) is over 96%, and the detection correlation (R2) is 1.00.

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