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The RNA library brings about the efficiency revolution of functional genomics research. It realizes high-throughput, low-cost, ultra-fast research and screening of gene functions for gene function screening, disease mechanism research, target discovery, drug development, etc. Providing a new and efficient way, many original breakthrough scientific research results have been born, especially in the discovery of new targets, coupled with the high-content analysis and screening platform in recent years, making the application of gene libraries more extensive.

RiboBio provides a genome-wide library and a variety of customized library screening services on humans, mice, rats and other different species., including  kinases, phosphatases, cell proliferation, apoptosis, signaling pathways, ion channels, nuclear receptors, etc.

Advantages of RiboBio HCS&HCA Platform
■ Supports all non-isotopic detection techniques for high-throughput, high-content cell imaging analysis systems
■ Laser confocal (IRIS Confocal) for better image quality and resolution
■ High-throughput fine-grain analysis of 3-D cell sphere imaging, low-abundance endogenous biomolecular imaging, and protein colocalization
■ Imaging mode: brightfield imaging, differential interference imaging, and phase contrast imaging
■ Fast monochrome and two-color fluorescence imaging scans with live cell control module
■ Ideal for high-intensity, high-throughput, fine-analysis of small to medium-sized samples


Screening for members of the importinβ protein family required for p65 translocation. Transfection of importinβ
The siRNA library was transferred to A549 cells, and immunofluorescence imaging was performed using p65 antibody after the experimental treatment.
Liang P, et al. Traffic. 2013.

The role of the DEAD-box RNA helicase family in the DENV infection process was explored using siRNA libraries. siRNA of the DDX RNA helicase family-specific gene was transfected into HEK293T, infected with DENV, and the viral E gene copy number was detected by qRT-PCR. Li G, et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015.

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