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DNAsafekeeper™ Sample Protectant is used to protect and stabilize DNA from degradation in samples.As a non-toxic water-soluble tissue preservation reagent, it can quickly penetrates cell structuresy and allows tissue samples to be collected, stored and shipped at room temperature. Without the need for a low temperature environment such as a freezer or liquid nitrogen, it simplifies the sample transport process and helps reduce transportation costs.


1. Instant DNase inactivation
2. Convenient on-site sampling accessible without liquid nitrogen cooling needed
3. Air transportation available as no dry ice transportation needed
4. Recommended for various tissues or cell types

Technical Support

Tissues treated with the DNAsafekeeper™ Sample Protectant were stored at 25°C for 15 days and 40°C for 9 days, and the DNA samples were extracted for agarose gel electrophoresis. It was found that the integrity of DNA remained the same even after high temperature or long term storage.

Experimental group: DNAsafekeeperTM sample protectant treated tissue

Control group: untreated tissue

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C10150 DNAsafekeeper DNA Stabilization Solution (for Tissue and Cell ), 1*10 mL$16.66
C00001 Nuclease-free Water, 1mL$1.66


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