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RiboBio provides high-quality and Universal DNA Purification Kit (Spin Column), which is used to recycle DNA fragments from agarose gel and can also clean PCR product.

This kit adopts special centrifugal absorbent materials, which enables to recycle DNA fragments from agarose gel and also clean PCR product. It can fulfill various downstream experiments including enzyme cleavage, PCR, junction and transformation, library screening, sequencing, etc. Reagent A contains color indicator showing if the binding buffer reaches the optimal pH value before column and make adjustment accordingly. This kit can recycle 100 bp~10kb DNA fragments with recovery rate 50~80%. The maximum of absorbing capacity for DNA is 20μg for each purification column.




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C11028-2 riboEXTRACT Universal DNA Purification Kit (Spin column)(50T)$59.97
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