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Nucleic Acid In Vitro Transcription takes DNA as template in the in vitro system without cells, simulates the in vivo transcription process to generate RNA under the action of series of transcription factors in the transcription system. Nucleic Acid In Vitro Transcription reaction can be used to control the transcription gene, transcription process and post-transcription RNA usage. Ribobio provides nucleic acid in vitro transcription kits including Ribo™ RNAmax-T7 In Vitro Transcription kit/ Ribo™ RNAmax-T7 Biotin-labeled In Vitro Transcription kit, which can synthesize complementary RNA from DNA template (antisense strand). It can easily, quickly and stably obtain large amount of RNA molecules, such as mRNA, lncRNA, shRNA. Synthesized RNA can be used for RNA functional study.

Non-Biotin Labeled In Vitro Transcription
Ribo™ RNAmax-T7 In Vitro Transcription Kit uses 4 kinds of rNTP as substrates and utilizes DNA template containing T7 promoter…
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Biotin-labeled In Vitro Transcription
RiboTM RNAmax-T7 Biotin-labeled Transcription Kit uses Biotin RNA Labeling Mix as substrate and utilizes DNA template containing T7 promoter. Starting from T7 promoter downstream…
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Application of Nucleic Acid in Vitro Transcription

RNA in Vitro Transcription is mainly used to synthesize the labeled or unlabeled RNA molecules, which are applicable to microinjection, in vitro translation and transfection experiments.

Synthesize virus RNA fragment for virus infectivity study

Synthesize siRNA for interference

Synthesize ribozyme to specifically cleavage target RNA sequence

Synthesize RNA probes for hybrid experiment

Synthesize mRNA for in vitro translation and transfection experiment

Synthesize non-coding RNA (eg. lncRNA) for RNA functional study

Synthesize biotin-labeled RNA molecules for RNA functional verification experiment (eg. RNA pull down)

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