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Ribo™ RNAmax-T7 In Vitro Transcription Kit
This kit uses 4 kinds of rNTPs as substrates and utilizes DNA template containing T7 promoter, which starts from T7 promoter downstream to synthesize the complementary RNA for the antisense of DNA template, and easily, fast and stably obtain the large amount of RNA molecules such as mRNA, lncRNA, shRNA, etc. Synthesized RNA is applicable to the RNA functional researches such as RNA splicing, RNA second structure, antisense RNA.

Product Advantages

1. High yield and better properties of RNA;
2. High-efficient and stable synthesis of mg-level RNA production within 2-3 hours;
3. The synthesis length of RNA is up to 14kb;
4. Stable and remarkable labeling effect can be used for RNA pull down and other RNA function verification experiments.

Technical Support

It’s used for transcription tests with different templates, and the performance of this product is comparable to other brands, or even better.

Kit Positive Control Transcription Test (Two RiboBio Kits)

Ordering Information

SKU ProductList PriceQuantityActions
C11001-2 RNAmax-T7体外转录试剂盒(100T )$882.98
C11001-3 RNAmax-T7体外转录试剂盒(500T )$3,381.98
C11001-1 RNAmax-T7体外转录试剂盒(20T )$232.90
This product is for low temperature transportation and needs to be charged for low temperature freight. For details, please contact customer service online.


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