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Different organelles will have various sizes and densities in mammalian cells, which cause different sedimentation rates even for the same centrifugal field. Therefore, the extraction and analysis of organell is to extract organell (including nucleus, lysosome, extracellular vesicle and exosome) from cell with different structures by using cell membrane lysis and centrifuge method to further study the organell morphological structure, chemistry composition and physiological activity. RiboBio has patented Exosomes Isolation Reagent which has advantages of convenience, efficiency and high purity.

Exosomes Extraction and Purification
The key premise for Exosomes study is to extract high-quality exosomes. Traditional method is…
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Exosomes Diagram (Ibrahim A, Marbán E. Annual Review of Physiology, 2016)

Ribo™ Exosome Isolation Reagent helps you easily extract exosomes with complete structures and functions that can be used for downstream experiments such as NGS, cell co-cultivation, disease analysis, gene expression, signal transduction and interaction, in vivo injection, etc.

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