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We offer overall solutions ranging from literature mining to high-throughput sequencing, target validation, cell function, mechanism studies, animal experiments, drug development, diagnostic reagents and clinical transformation. Our 5000+ clients cover a total of academic institutes (Nobel Prize winners’ laboratories included), medical organizations and drug development enterprises. Thanks to the extensive cooperation with Harvard University, New York University, Purdue University, University of Sydney, University of Massachusetts and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The number of published articles citing RiboBio’s research services or products has reached nearly 11,000, and nearly 200 among them are of CNS levels. The article quantity and quality have both seen significant growth in recent years.

Open Research Platform to Facilitate Your Scientific Ideas

The current research topics may come from major clinical issues in the medical field, such as early diagnosis, cancer, disease occurrence, drug resistance, recurrence and prognosis, personalized treatment, and may also originate from epigenetics, reproductive development, agriculture, microbes, virology and other scientific frontiers. To speed up the drug development process and achieve commercial production of nucleic acid products, RibiBio presents valuable cooperation opportunities with its open technology platform.
We have industry-leading technology platforms for high-throughput oligonucleotide synthesis, high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, high-throughput high-content cell imaging and screening, cytochemiluminescence analysis, cell viability, apoptosis and toxicity analysis, human genome-wide siRNA libraries, miRNA libraries, species or gene custom libraries, as well as nucleic acid and protein analysis platforms, chromatography-mass spectrometry platforms, animal experiment platforms, etc.

Why choose RiboBio’s overall scientific research service?

1. Globe-leading technology platform and top-level scientists
2. Professional and reliable project management, quality control and project reporting mechanism
3. Over ten years of focus on non-coding RNA and gene function research
4. Project design and program execution experience & capabilities
5. Industry-leading patent, core technologies and products
6. Accelerated experimental process or project cycle
7. Reduced spendings, personnel costs and time consumption

Our comprehensive scientific research services

Basic life research, medical research, drug discovery, CRO/CDMO full lifecycle services…

RiboBio is committed to improving the innovation of experimental routes and providing a full-process research platform for gene function sequencing. We provide rich experience and technical support to accelerate scientific discovery and research progress.

Our overall research or comprehensive services:

1. High-throughput sequencing (full transcriptome, transcriptome, epigenetic group, nucleic acid-protein interaction, genome, etc.)
2. Pure bioinformatics analysis (TCGA, target gene prediction, interaction prediction, literature mining, etc.)
3. RNA detection (nuclear separation, qRT-PCR, RACE)
4. Vector construction (shRNA, 3’UTR, lncRNA, circRNA, coding gene, promoter, miRNA, etc.)
5. Cell function test (high content, flow, fluorescence, enzyme label)
6. Protein expression detection (WB, high content, immunofluorescence, flow, ELISA)
7. SNP typing detection
8. Exosomes (extraction, qRT-PCR, particle size, CD63/CD81)
9. Animal experiments (subcutaneous tumor formation, living imaging, organ harvesting)
10. Tissue processing (paraffin sample preparation and sectioning, HE staining)
11. Cell culture
12. Other customized scientific research services

If you are interested in our overall or comprehensive research project services, please call +86 400-686-0075 or email to

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Guangzhou RiboBio Co., Ltd.
Address:13-14/F, Innovation Building C3, 182 Kexue Avenue, Science Park, Guangzhou 510663, China
Service hotline:400-686-0075

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