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genOFF siRNA is a highly efficient silencing reagent for human genes. It differs from conventional siRNAs in its unique optimized design algorithm and specific chemical modification, both of which can improve RNA stability, reduce off-target effects, and achieve better silencing effects. Each gene has at least 3 siRNAs that specifically target multiple regions of the transcript for better gene silencing, making it an ideal option for RNAi experiments. RiboBio offers single siRNA reagent of the genOFF series, siRNA reagents for other species or premixed siRNA reagents can also be customized .

Product Advantages

1. Optimized siRNA design was applied to optimize the design algorithm
2. Specific chemical modification to maximize specificity and reduce off-target effect
3. At least 3 pairs of siRNAs are designed for each gene to target multiple regions of transcripts
4. Single or multiple genOFF siRNAs are optional for specific experimental needs.
5. Strict mass spectrometry to ensure the quality and purity of siRNA
6. Can be directly used for experiment after dissolution

Basic elements of successful RNAi experiments

1. Reasonable siRNA sequence
2. Guaranteed transfection efficiency can effectively deliver siRNA into cells (positive control and transfection control)
3. Recommended control: negative control
4. Recommended detection and analysis method: qRT-PCR

Which siRNA is right for you?

RiboBio provides siRNA products for human, mouse, rat and other species for your selection.

Cellular Experiment Methods

Transfection reagents play a critical role for transfection efficiency, please pick the appropriate transfection reagent according to the cell type and transfection method for experiment. The riboFECT CP transfection reagent features high transfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity, and is suitable for transfection experiments for most cells.

Ordering Information

SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
stB0012383A-1-5 genOFF st-h-METTL3_001, 5nmolhuman$98.12
stB0012383B-1-5 genOFF st-h-METTL3_002, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siG2109150940551789 si-h-SMG6_006human$98.12
siG2109150940550697 si-h-SMG6_005human$98.12
stB0012769A-1-5 genOFF st-h-METTL14_001, 5nmolhuman$98.12
stB0012769B-1-5 genOFF st-h-METTL14_002, 5nmolhuman$98.12
stB0012769C-1-5 genOFF st-h-METTL14_003, 5nmolhuman$98.12
stB0015043A-1-5 genOFF st-h-DNTTIP1_001, 5nmolhuman$98.12
stB0010218B-1-5 genOFF st-h-SMG6_002, 5nmolhuman$98.12
stB0002017A-1-5 genOFF st-h-TP53_001, 5nmolhuman$98.12
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