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Antisense oligonucleotide refers to a chemically modified short-chain nucleic acids of 15 to 25 nucleotides, which specifically corresponds to its target RNA. RiboBio has leading experience in nucleic acid synthesis. lncRNA ASO is a chemically modified single-stranded RNA & DNA chimeras that functions according to RNase H and interferes with cytoplasmic and nuclear lncRNA. It can be directly used in in vivo experiments, and is well recognized and used by our customers.

Product Advantage  

1. High specificity, able to design ASO sequence for different sequences of lncRNA
2. Chemically modified, high stability
3. Can be directly used for in vivo experiments, no need for transfection reagent
4. Relative viral vector, short synthesis cycle, suitable for subsequent R&D of nucleic acid drugs

Which lncRNA/circRNA/gene silencing product is right for you?

RiboBio provides a wide range of highly efficient lncRNA/circRNA/gene suppression tools such as siRNA, Smart Silencer, ASO. Please pick what suits your needs according to the table below.

siRNASmart SilencerASO
ComponentsiRNAConsists of 3 siRNAs and 3 ASOsASO
FunctionSilencing extranuclear lncRNASimultaneous inhibition of nuclear or extranuclear target lncRNADepending on RNase H, silencing of cytoplasmic and nuclear lncRNA simultaneously
StabilityHigh stability and chemical modification can synthesize in vivo siRNAOptimized design algorithms, innovative chemical modification, higher sensitivity and suppression efficiencyChemically modified for higher stability and can be used directly in in vivo experiments
MechanismDouble-stranded RNA, which forms a RISC by binding to an enzyme. RISC specifically binds to the target gene mRNA that matches its sequence and causes mRNA degradation, resulting in gene silencing.Multiple mechanisms inhibit target RNA and increase the probability of silencingSingle-stranded RNA&DNA hybrids that rely on RNase H for function
Interference effectBetterExcellent(After-sales redesign and synthesis service)Better
Transfection reagentriboFECT™ CP ReagentriboFECT™ CP ReagentriboFECT™ CP Reagent

Technical Support

Wang L, et al. Cell research, 2015.Myoblast differentiation was delayed using a phosphorothioate-modified ASO knockdown Dum that targets lncRNA Dum. (Wang L, et al. Cell research, 2015.)

Ordering Information

SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
lnc6170622012313-1-5 ASO-h-AC015912.3_001, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6170622012340-1-5 ASO-h-AC015912.3_003, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6170622012354-1-5 ASO-h-AC015912.3_002, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6151118032007-1-5 ASO-m-Malat1_001, 5nmol*2mouse$180.42
lnc6151118032051-1-5 ASO-m-Malat1_002, 5nmol*2mouse$180.42
lnc6180607031238-1-5 ASO-h-FBXL19-AS1_001, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6180607031250-1-5 ASO-h-FBXL19-AS1_002, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6180306112305-1-5 ASO-h-GBAT2 _001, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6151014045700-1-5 ASO-h-NONHSAT075505_003, 5nmol*2human$180.42
lnc6160302045856-1-5 ASO-m-Airn_001, 5nmol*2mouse$180.42
ASO Negative Control
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
lnc6N0000001-1-10 lncRNA ASO Negative Control #1, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$180.42
lnc6N0000002-1-10 lncRNA ASO Negative Control #2, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$180.42
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