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Long non-coding RNAs(lncRNA) has an average abundance in cells that is much lower than that of mRNA.When performing its regulatory functions, lncRNA will create complexes with DNA, RNA or protein molecules, and selectively distributes in nucleus and cytoplasm. Regarding its relatively complex function research and the limitations of sensitivity and detection accuracy, traditional siRNA tools for mRNA function loss studies are not recommended to study lncRNA function loss.

In order to serve the studies on the complex functions of lncRNA, a lncRNA inhibitor of the Ribo lncRNA Smart Silencer series consisting of three siRNA and three ASO was launched by RiboBio. It has higher sensitivity and inhibition efficiency than ordinary siRNA, thanks to an optimized design algorithm and an innovate chemical modification method. With a normal cell transfection efficiency, it can achieve a comprehensive inhibition of lncRNA in both nucleus and cytoplasm, thus ensuring a higher inhibition efficiency and making it an ideal choice to study the loss of lncRNA functions.

Product Advantages

1. Exclusive technology to inhibit lncRNA in nucleus and cytoplasm
2. Higher precision, lower avarage abundanc
3. Can knock down the lncRNA that cell location uncertain
4. Multiple mechanisms to inhibit target RNA and increase the likelihood of silencing
5. Complete after-sales service, free synthesize of 2 pieces are available if conditions are met

Requirements to design a Smart Silencer free of charge after sales:

1. The target RNA is the lncRNA from human, mouse and rat included in NCBI Entrez Gene, Ensembl or other recognized lncRNA database;
2. Cell transfection efficiency above 70%, the inhibition efficiency of lncRNA less than 50%.
3. ΔCt value of general target genes, GAPDH or ACTB less than 15.

Which lncRNA/ gene silencing product is right for you?

RiboBio provides highly-efficient lncRNA/gene suppression tools such as siRNA, Smart Silencer and ASO. Please select the product according to the following table.

siRNASmart SilencerASO
ComponentsiRNAConsists of 3 siRNAs and 3 ASOsASO
FunctionSilencing extranuclear lncRNASimultaneous inhibition of nuclear or extranuclear target lncRNADepending on RNase H, silencing of cytoplasmic and nuclear lncRNA simultaneously
StabilityHigh stability and chemical modification can synthesize in vivo siRNAOptimized design algorithms, innovative chemical modification, higher sensitivity and suppression efficiencyChemically modified for higher stability and can be used directly in in vivo experiments
MechanismDouble-stranded RNA, which forms a RISC by binding to an enzyme. RISC specifically binds to the target gene mRNA that matches its sequence and causes mRNA degradation, resulting in gene silencing.Multiple mechanisms inhibit target RNA and increase the probability of silencingSingle-stranded RNA&DNA hybrids that rely on RNase H for function
Interference effectBetterExcellent(After-sales redesign and synthesis service)Better
Transfection reagentriboFECT™ CP ReagentriboFECT™ CP ReagentriboFECT™ CP Reagent
Technical Support

Analysis of human lncRNA-acod1 RNA levels in A549 cells at normal and PR8 infected states after transfection of human LncRNA-acod1 Smart Silencer by qPCR. Simultaneous determination the amount of PR8PFU in the A549 cells culture supernatant. (Wang P, et al. Science, 2017)

Transfect the target lncRNA BC088254 Smart Silencer into cardiomyocytes, add Ang II to detect the protein level of phb2. (Li X, et al. Cardiology. 2016)

Ordering Information

Smart Silencer-lncRNA/Gene
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
lnc3180327030650 h-SNHG12 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3170930111639 m-H19 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2mouse$566.43
lnc3170622012627 h-AC015912.3 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3170628014143 h-LINC01133 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3170331034316 h-MALAT1 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3180607031514 h-FBXL19-AS1 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3160909062508 h-NR_110536 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3180719012818 h-AC074183 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3180719015044 h-LINC00052 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43
lnc3160607020426 h-CDKN2B-AS1 Smart Silencer, 5nmol*2human$566.43

conditions to re-synthesis a set of Smart Silencer for free:

1. The target RNA is included in the NCBI Entrez Gene, Ensembl or recognized lncRNA database, Mouse and rat lncRNA;
2. The cell transfection efficiency is above 70%, and the lncRNA inhibition efficiency is less than 50%;
3. The general target gene and GAPDH or ACTB have a ΔCt value of 15 or less;
4.No special requirements in design.

Smart Silencer Negative Control
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
lnc3N0000002-1-5 lncRNA Smart Silencer NC#2, 5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$83.30
lnc3N0000001-1-5 lncRNA Smart Silencer NC #1, 5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$83.30
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