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The siRNA Control is an important part of the complete RNAi experiment, including: transfection control, positive control, negative control and blank control. The control product will help you optimize the siRNA transfection conditions, verify the accuracy of the gene silencing protocol, and specifically analyze the siRNA-induced gene silencing effect to ensure the successful completion of the RNAi experiment.

Product Description

Transfection Control: Fluorescent labeling without target siRNA, fluorescence imaging can effectively detect siRNA transfection efficiency, can be combined with riboMONITOR transfection indicator;
Positive Control: siRNA targeting endogenous genes (such as GAPDH) or reporter gene, confirming the accuracy of RNAi experimental procedures;
Negative Control: Validation of siRNA specificity can be selected as a universal negative control and scramble control.

Product Advantages
1. Negative control siRNA is specially designed and does not target any known human, mouse or rat genes, without any chemical modification, and has a lower off-target effect;
2. Positive control siRNA is specifically designed and experimentally verified, and the siRNA is designed specifically for endogenous genes or reporter genes;
3, Transfection control siRNA using Cy3 fluorescent label, no chemical modification, high fluorescence intensity, good anti-quenching performance, especially suitable for transfection efficiency detection in cell experiments, fluorescence microscope, confocal microscope, flow cytometry Test.

Which siRNA control is right for you?

Refer to the table and select the RNAi controls that meet your experiment needs.

Negative Control

Negative controls were divided into two categories, a universal negative control and a Scramble negative control.The siR-Ribo Negative Control is a universal negative control that can be used in software analysis and experimental verification. It has less homology with human, mouse, rat and other species. It is a versatile negative control and commonly used in experimental statistics for siRNA silencing efficiency calculation.

Figure 1 A549 cell line transfected with 50nM p65 siRNA, siR-Ribo NC, Mock control, Blank control.
The expression of p65 gene mRNA was detected 48 hours after transfection, and NC had no effect on cells.

Scramble negative control usually scrambles and recombines the corresponding siRNA target sequences randomly, making them less homologous to the target sequence, only suitable for the negative control of the experiment. Scramble negative control needs to be customized.

Positive Control

Positive control siRNAs designed for endogenous or reporter genes were used to confirm the feasibility of RNAi experiments.
Figure 2.siR-Ribo Positive Control (h-ACTB) siRNA silencing efficiency after 48 hours of transfection of A549 cell line at a final concentration of 50 nM, the expression of ACTB RNA was significantly reduced.

Figure 3 siR-Ribo Positive Control (h-GAPD) siRNA silencing efficiency after 48 hours of transfection of A549 cell line at a final concentration of 50 nM, the mRNA expression level of GAPD was significantly reduced.

Transfection Control

The transfected control siRNA is a fluorescently labeled, non-target siRNA, which is effective for detecting siRNA transfection efficiency by means of a fluorescence imaging system.

Figure 4. The results of siR-Ribo Transfection Control (Cy3) transfection of A549 cells for 6 h (200x fluorescence microscope)

A: Transfection control siRNA; B: Hoechst; C: Overlay

Figure 5  SiR-Ribo Transfection Control (Cy3) results after transfection of Hela cells for 12h (laser confocal microscopy)

A: Transfection control siRNA; B: Hoechst; C: Overlay

Ordering Information

siRNA Negative Control
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
siN0000001-4-10 siR NC #1, in vivo, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$159.93
siN0000001-4-200 siR NC #1, in vivo, 200nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$1,099.56
siN0000001-1-10 siR NC #1, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$133.28
siN0000002-1-10 siR NC #2, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$133.28
siN0000002-1-5 siR NC #2, 5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$83.30
siN0000004-4-10 siR NC #1 (2OMe), in vivo, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$293.88
siN0000005-4-10 siR NC #1 (2OMe+5Chol), in vivo, 10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$440.82
siN0000002-1-20 siR NC #2, 20nmol$199.92
siN0000001-1-5 siR NC #1, 5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$83.30
siRNA Positive Control
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
siP0000001-1-5 siR PC (h-GAPDH),5nmolhuman$83.30
siP0000002-1-5 siR PC (h-ACTB),5nmolhuman$83.30
siP0000003-1-5 siR PC (m-ACTB),5nmolmouse$83.30
siP0000004-1-5 siR PC (EGFP),5nmolNA-外源表达$83.30
siP0000005-1-5 siR PC (GFP),5nmolNA-外源表达$83.30
siRNA Transfection Control
SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
siT0000003S-1-5 siR Transfect Control(5cy5),5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$129.94
siT0000007S-4-10 siR Transfect Control(2OMe+5Cy5),in vivo,10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$439.65
siT0000009S-4-10 siR Transfect Control(2OMe+5Chol+5Cy5),in vivo,10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$540.28
siT0000001-1-1 siR Transfect Control(5fam),1nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$39.98
siT0000001-1-5 siR Transfect Control(5fam),5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$129.94
siT0000002-1-1 siR Transfect Control(5cy3),1nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$39.98
siT0000002-1-5 siR Transfect Control(5cy3),5nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$129.94
siT0000006-4-10 siR Transfect Control(2OMe+5Cy3),in vivo,10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$439.65
siT0000008-4-10 siR Transfect Control(2OMe+5Chol+5Cy3),in vivo,10nmol人/小鼠/大鼠通用$540.28

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