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General siRNA is a chemically synthesized double-stranded RNA without chemical modification. It has a specific target design and covers all genes of human, mouse and rat genomes. Other species can also be customized, which is suitable for various cellular RNAi experiments.

Product Advantage

1. Intelligent design by optimized computational rules
2. Improved target specificity
3. Strict mass spectrometry to ensure the quality and purity of siRNA
4. Easy to dissolve that can be directly used in experiments

Which siRNA is right for you?

RiboBio provides a complete line of siRNA products covering human, mouse, rat and other species. You can choose the siRNA that suits you according to the table below.

Technical Support

Chemically synthezed siRNA is mostly 19 nt RNA + dTdT (3′ overhang) RNA double-stranded molecules without any chemical modification.

Sense: the sense strand, RNA, sequence is identical to the target sequence.

Antisense: antisense strand, RNA, sequence complementary to the target sequence.

dTdT: Both ends are suspended, and DNA is at the 3′ end.

Fig.1  Structure schematic of General siRNA

Fig.2  Chemical synthezed siRNA single-chain LC-MS detection results


SKU ProductSpeciesList PriceQuantityActions
siB0837165937-1-5 si-h-STAT3_002, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siB160406112518-1-5 si-m-Cd274_004, Standard, 5nmolmouse$98.12
siB09917111357-1-5 si-h-TP53_004, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siB12127101403-1-5 si-h-ALKBH5_001, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siB12127101538-1-5 si-h-ALKBH5_003, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siB11331105721-1-5 si-h-MYC_001, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siB11331105730-1-5 si-h-MYC_002, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siG1909091202510020-1-5 si-h-MNX1-AS1_002, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siB09731120743-1-5 si-h-TP53_003, Standard, 5nmolhuman$98.12
siG2308310301584520-1-5 si-m-Meak7_001, Standard, 5nmolmouse$98.12
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