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Custom siRNA or miRNA library, MOQ=10
SKU Product Species List Price Quantity Actions
stB0006015A-1-5 genOFF st-h-CPN2_001, 5nmol human $98.12
siG000219854A-1-5 si-h-TMEM218_101, Standard, 5nmol human $98.12
siG000001960C-1-5 si-h-EGR3_103, Standard, 5nmol human $98.12
SIGS0015924-1 genOFF h-SLC30A7_1999A human $333.03
1 23,602 23,603 23,604

Easily search CRISPR-Cas9, RNAi, miRNA, FISH, ChIRP and reagent kits. You just need to simply enter key information in the search box to find the results.

Notes & Tips:

How to select a product: If you previously ordered, please enter Cat No., name or keyword, or enter the gene name, Accession No. or Gene ID, by screening Product Category, Product Subcategory or Species to find the products.  If there are multiple results available and you still don’t know how to select,  please click QQ service on the right. Meanings of “-1-5 or -2-5” : If enter stB0007176A, the result is stB0007176A-1-5, where -1 stands for Standard purification, and -5 stands for 5nmol/tube. Usually, the first suffix -1, -2, -3, -4 represents Standard, PAGE, HPLC, in vivo, and the second suffix -5, -10, -20 represents 5nmol/tube, 10nmol/tube, 20nmol/tube, and so on. Search Negative Control (NC): Please select “All” for the species when searching for NC, and narrow the scope by limiting the “Product Category”. Special NC Customization: If your desired specifications can’t be found, please click the above icon to customize!

1. Sesearch via Gene Terms
For gene-specific products, you can directly use biological terms. When you enter the target gene information (gene name, Gene ID, Transcript ID, Accession No), all related products will be displayed. The target gene information can be generally found in the NCBI or the miRBase database.

(1) Search via Gene Name or Gene Symbol

Search directly via gene name or symbol according to the NCBI, such as: BRCA1, CDK15, CTNNB1, TEN1, LOC100996385, ERICH4, etc.

(2) Search via Accession Number

The RefSeq search number for the mRNA begins with the letters NM_ or XM_ followed by 6 or 9 digits. For gene expression products, the GenBank number can also be used for more specific search results. For example: NM_001170537, NM_001798, ENSG00000224149, and so on.

(3) Search miRBase (miRBase Identifiers)

Search directly the microRNA , ID or name in miRBase, for example: miRBase ID: hsa-let-7d, mmu-mir-122, Precurser Accession: MI0000065, MI0000256, Mature Accession: MIMAT0000065, MIMAT0000246, etc.

(4) Search via Gene ID

Gene ID is the unique identification No. for each gene in the RefSeq database and is the most stable gene signature. For example: 81590, 7293, 100996385, hsa_circ_0008132, 100652865, 100170765, 100134934, and the like.

2. Search via RiboBio Product Code
It should be noted that the product code must be accurate, complete and match exactly.
For example, lnc6N0000001-1-10, miR1N0000001-1-5, etc.

3. Search via RiboBio product name
Directly search: micrOFF inhibitor NC #22, 5nmol, micrOFF hsa-miR-21-5p inhibitor, 5nmol, miRNA library, agomir, antagomir, etc.

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