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The new entities that purchased RiboBio’s products for the first time will receive a cash coupon since Oct. 1st, 2019, which can be used to deduce the price  (please note that coupons are not applicable to services). The voucher is also allowed to be transferred to others who have an RiboBio online account.

First-Order Volume Cash Coupon Coupon Validity Period
First-order Volume≥$ 2,000 $ 350 Six Months
$ 2,000>First-order Volume≥$ 1,000 $ 140
$ 1,000>First-order Volume≥$ 200 $ 20


(1) The newly-registered entities refers to the research team, laboratory or department to order products or services from RiboBio for the first time;
(2) Each research group is entitled to only one coupon, and the validity period is six months from the date of acquisition;
(3) The coupons can be transferred to other customers with E-RiboBio’s account;
(4) New customers must order at the catalog price to access coupons. Coupons are not included in the cumulative purchase amount of the research group.

Collecting and Using Coupons
Once the payment of the first order placed by a newly-registered research group is completed, the coupon code of corresponding amount will be automatically sent to the mailbox. Users need to copy the coupon code to the pasting area of the shopping cart to get a discount.


RiboBio reserves the right to interpret, adjust or cancel the above policies.

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