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RiboBio- Terms of Products and Services

Dear customers, thank you for purchasing our products and services, we strive to provide you with high quality experience. In order to protect your rights, please carefully read the following terms before accessing the services on this website. By clicking the “OK” and “Next” button, signing up as a user, or directly placing an order for products or services, you agree the Terms of Products and Services will become immediately effective and consent to sign a legally binding agreement with Guangzhou RiboBio Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “RiboBio”, “we” or “our company”).

1.Order/Service Confirmation

Please ensure that all the information you fill in is accurate, as all the products must be ordered, confirmed and signed by yourself personally. We will proceed the orders immediately after receiving your requirements. You must personally confirm all scientific service requests you submit and ensure that all information is accurate, such as contact person, shipping address, billing information, product order details, specific demands, sample details. Upon receipt of your needs, we will immediately organize a technical assessment with experts and assign a representative to further contact with you.

2. Searching Product/Service Information

You can purchase products or services by referring to our Product and Service Catalog, or search for the products or services via Also, you are welcome to reach us at (86) 400-686 -0075.
Under normal circumstances, one sample in a service project is limited for one experiment only, and the sequencing data will be defaulted as the standard level. Please state otherwise if there is any other requirement.

3. Pricing

All prices displayed on this website serve as a reference catalogued by our company. RiboBio reserves the right to make necessary adjustments and final interpretations of the price.

4. Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: Ordinary RNA is packaged in the form of lyophilized powder, primers are packaged and shipped in liquid form, while certain kits will be packaged and shipped at low temperatures.
Specification: Please select the standard specifications recommended by our company first. If you require special sub-packaging or packaging, please be sure to state so in the remarks, and we will charge a fee accordingly.
Logistics: Orders will be delivered by third-party courier companies. If you need a special shipping plan, please contact us before finalizing the order.
Shipping Fee: Orders shipped by a courier company may be charged according to the actual courier fee. Extra cost will also be charged if the product is shipped under low temperature or other special conditions, you can pay on delivery to settle the shipping cost with the courier.
Customs Clearance Fee: A customs clearance fee will be charged according to customs requirements.
The terms above also apply to the packaging and shipping of products or materials involved in the service projects delivered by our company.

5. Receipt and Acceptance

When you collect the product, please carefully check the product code, product name, specifications, quantity, invoice, manual (downloadable on the website) and related documents before signing the receipt. In the case of services involving data delivery, please carefully check the service code, service name, data report, etc. before signing the receipt. Once signed, it will be deemed that our company has successfully completed the delivery of the products or services.
Please check the products in person when receiving the goods. Should there be any defects or non-conformities, please keep the supporting documentation (photo or video) and notify our company within 24 hours after receiving the product. We will return the goods free of charge after confirming that there is quantity/quality mismatch, product damage and other problems. Customized products and those delivered by third-party companies are not allowed to be returned or exchanged. Failure to file a rejection to our company within 24 hours after the delivery shall operate as an effective acceptance.
Please read the instructions carefully after receiving the goods, and keep the products as instructed. We will not hold accountable for the losses caused by improper storage or usage.
Please refer to the product manual for expiration date and storage conditions of the product. The expiration date shall be calculated from the date of delivery. During the period of validity, you may file a complaint with us if you find quality problems, which will be dealt with according to relevant laws and regulations. Beyond the validity period, we will no longer bear quality responsibility for the products.

6.Product Use and Preservation

Please use and preserve the products in accordance with the manual.

7. Sample Information and Processing

Sample information and processing are often involved in our service projects. Please ensure that the Sample Information Sheet for mailing is filled in as requested, as it will be used for sample registration and quality inspection. If the information is missing, incomplete or wrong, RiboBio will not be responsible for delaying the progress of the experiment, and the losses and liabilities will be borne by your side.
Before mailing the samples, please keep a small amount of backup for comparison analysis in case the quality test result turns out abnormal. Please contact our company to consult the processing of the sample within 3 months after we complete the project report, otherwise you will be deemed to have entrusted us to handle the samples.

8. After-sales

If you encounter quality issues during the validity period, please submit detailed experimental reports, receipt forms or purchase orders for experts to study and analyze as soon as possible. In the case of quality defect, we will follow the product quality policy and offer you a return or exchange; in the case of improper use, we will help guide you through the experiment.
For us to recycle and carry out quality inspection, you must support your complaints with original test data of the product and the remaining products, and declare that the product has been stored as required.
Our response to quality problems is only limited to the return or exchange of the product itself, and does not extend to any other loss or liability. You are solely responsible for any deterioration, failure or other consequences incurred by your own failure to preserve the product as instructed.
Customized products are not allowed to be returned or exchanged once you confirm the order. All products shipped through third-party delivery companies are not allowed to be returned or exchanged.
If the product is damaged during transport, please ask the delivery person to leave testimony and keep relevant evidence (photo or video) for reference.

9. Delivery Time

The delivery time differs for our various products. Please contact our sales staff to fix a specific delivery date and order the product at an appropriate time to avoid delay.
The delivery time of service projects shall be subject to the contract signed by both parties.

10. User Privacy Protection

To strictly manage and protect your personal data, including email address, telephone number and ID information, our website has adopted technical support to prevent your profile from being lost, stolen or tampered with. If you disclose the account or password to others or share the registered account with others, we will not be responsible for any personal data leakage or other serious consequences. RiboBio will terminate and delete the above information when you cancel your account.

11. Payment

(1)All prices are in USD.
(2)Payment term: 100% T/T payment is needed for international orders. Both client and RiboBio should be responsible for their own bank transaction fees. If the goods are lost or damaged during transportation, we will not be responsible for compensation or free reshipment if the customer does not pay the insurance premium.

Please pay to: 

Account Name: Guangzhou RiboBio Co., Ltd
Account Number: 649657760514
Bank Name: Address: NO.111 Science Rd, Zhitong Information Building floor, Science City, Guangzhou, China.

12. Application and Jurisdiction of Law

The interpretation and enforcement of these terms are governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. The terms and any additional terms posted on this website constitute the entire agreement between you and RiboBio regarding the use of the site. Any dispute arising from the performance of the agreement shall first be settled through negotiation between the two parties; In case that the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit to the People’s Court where the company is located.
RiboBio reserves the right to interpret the above terms. We will issue a notice about upcoming changes to the terms on should there be any. Please regularly review the alterations. You will be deemed to consent to the revised content if you continue using the services of this website. In case of dispute, the revised terms shall prevail. You may contact RiboBio to negotiate if you disagree with relevant changes, and you also have the right to stop our services covered by these terms if an agreement is not reached.

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