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Gene ID or Transcript ID Lookup

How to search for Gene ID?

1. Visit NCBI web site:
2. On the homepage, clck the dropdown and select “Gene”
3. After selecting “Gene, input the Gene name or transcript ID, then click “Search”. Below is the example for Gene GRPDH.

4. Find the desired gene ID in the search results. Pay attention to the species information in the red box and select genes according to the species you need. Taking the human GAPDH gene as an example, its gene ID is at the arrow point as the screenshot below. If you click on the gene name, you can see the location of the gene, transcripts, references and many other information.

How to search for Transcript ID?

1. Search for coresponding gene nam of the Gene ID and Species, click on the Gene Name, it will pop up a new tab;
2. Scroll down the page and find the wordings of NCBI Reference Sequences (RefSeq), mRNA and Protein(s), you can find one or multiple Transcript ID under this Gene ID. And then you can choose your desired transcript ID.

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