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RiboBio Primer Online Design Tool

This tool is based on the primer 3. The main difference between the basic version, the standard version and the advanced version is that the design parameters are different which is for the users to select. Parameters of the advanced version are more detailed, includeing collapsed entries in addition to the basic design parameters.

Tips:This tool can provide convenience for your primer design. Primers must be designed to check the specificity or other necessary technical indicators in the NCBI database. For special genes, species or complex situations, this version may not meet all your needs. If you encounter problems such as synthetic failure or lack of specificity, the software will not bear this risk, and the final interpretation right belongs to RiboBio.
If you entrust RiboBio for primer design and synthesis, please go to “Product Design and Customization” to fill your order or request for submission.

RiboBio Oligo Online Calculation Tool

This tool is used to simulate the physical constants of Oligo, such as base length, molecular weight (MW), GC content (%), dissolution temperature (Tm), millimolar extinction coefficient (OD/μmol, μg/OD), common thermodynamic constants. (RlnK, etc.) and hairpin type Hairpin calculations.

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