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Sample Preparation & Delivery Tips

No RNA protectant (eg: Trizol, RNA later) should be added to the samples prior to the separation of exosome. …

High-throughput sequencing sample quality samples include tissue samples, cell samples, DNA samples……

Up to thousands of culturable cells have been reported, but the culture conditions of many cell types are difficult to grasp……

According to the sample type, the corresponding operations are: sample processing, sample information card, sample packaging and marking, etc…

After the tissue is collected, it can be fixed, frozen, sliced, and air-dried before it can be labeled with immune antibodies…

After tissue collection, HE staining (or other chemical dyeing) and immunological antibody labeling can be performed after fixation, preservation, paraffin embedding, sectioning, spreading, and baking.

The method of high content screening to detect cell proliferation cycle mainly includes experimental examples, experimental procedures and experimental results…

Because biological samples have different tissue components, their properties are also different, such as softness and hardness, looseness, compactness, and size…

A miRNA (microRNA) is a group of non-coding RNAs encoded by the genome that are about 20 to 23 nucleotides in length…

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